India's Posh Guidelines

India’s Posh Guidelines for Workplace Harassment

Introduction The Bombay High Court imposed provisions to preserve the anonymity of proceedings involving workplace sexual harassment of women. The high court regulations in the case of P v. A & Ors.1 (“PoSH Confidentiality Guidelines”) address, among other things, how such incidents should be addressed and dealt with; how judgments should be documented, rendered, and conveyed; […]
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How Investor Education and Protection Fund Authority is Regulated in India

The Central Government created the Investor Education and Protection Fund (IEPF) to secure shareholders’ rights and inform people. Section 125 of the Companies Act of 2013 governs it (the “Act”). The investor education and protection fund authority collects and deposits undisclosed or unclaimed monies from a company’s investors.  INVESTOR EDUCATION AND PROTECTION FUND AUTHORITY ADMINISTRATION AND REGULATION  The investor […]
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Private Limited Company Registration in Kolkata Via Online Method

In this post, we’ll look at how to register a business in Kolkata. Company registration is a procedure through which all businesses are registered on the MCA’s website (Ministry of Corporate Affairs). The Company Registration in Kolkata is a simple procedure, but it requires numerous procedures to complete. A Private Limited Company offers its stockholders […]
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New Monetary Policy 2022: Repo Rate Remained Unchanged

Releases from the RBI Monetary Policy 2022 Meeting: The six-member Monetary Policy 2022 Committee (MPC), led by Reserve Bank of India (RBI) Governor Shaktikanta Das, maintained the repo rate at 4% and the reverse repo rate at 3.35 % intact. Here’s what the governor of India’s central bank said. RBI Monetary Policy 2022: The Reserve […]
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Sexual harassment law: The word “workplace” confers to the Sexual harassment at workplace of Women at Workplace (Regulation, Prevention, and Redressal) Posh Act of 2013, and specifically includes: All offices or other locations where the Company does business. All Company-related activities undertaken at any other place that is not the Company’s premises and is under the authority of […]
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How to get company registration number

How to Get Company Registration Number

How to Get Company Registration Number The article addresses the Company Registration Number, its distinction from the CIN, and the validation process. The Ministry of Corporate Affairs, or MCA, is a reliable website that includes all incorporated firms in India, if they’re not publicly listed. It holds details on all types of enterprises, especially limited […]
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7 Ways to Kickstart Your Start-up in India

7 Ways to Kickstart Your Start-up in India

7 Ways to Kickstart Your Start-up in India Some firms require funding to get started. However, as long as you have a brilliant concept, there seem to be various methods to establish your organization without needing to worry about costs. Here are some tips from genuine Quora users with business expertise, ranging from service firms […]
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How to Apply for FSSAI License in India

How to Apply for FSSAI License in India How to Get a fssai registration? All manufacturers, dealers, and cafés engaged in any food industry, including assembling or preparation, are eligible for a food permit or FSSAI license. When you register for FSSAI registration, you will be issued a one-of-a-kind 14-digit permit number, which must be […]
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Succession Certificate

What is a Succession Certificate? Its Importance

What is a Succession Certificate? Its Importance Do you know what a Succession Certificate is? What is its purpose of it? What is a property’s Succession Certificate? Don’t be concerned. We’ll go through all you need to know about it, just as we did in this blog. When we try to comprehend legal issues, they […]
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internal compliance committee

How do Internal Complaints Committee Members work on Applications

How do Internal Complaints Committee Members work on Applications Consequences of Improper internal compliance committee Constitution The internal compliance committee is responsible for conducting impartial investigations into cases of sexual harassment and providing appropriate redress within the timeframe. If the internal complaints committee members are not set up according to POSH law, questions about the […]
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