India entry strategy requires a focused approach arising with in depth evaluation of the various market opportunities followed by creating a deliberate scheme for their entry and at last the effective implementation of the suitable and recommended strategy to achieve the desired results and to make strong presence in India. Hence, it can be correctly said that an effective and efficient market entry strategy can be achieved by going through the following stages:

  • Exploring Opportunities in Indian Market
  • Formulation of Appropriate Strategy
  • Implementation of strategy

Exploring Opportunities In Indian Market

To make a pure “take it or leave it” decision on this aspect, it requires a measured assessment of on the aspects of competition, legal and technical barriers, pricing, business cultures, sales and distribution, etc.
Market Exploration requires a thorough analysis of:

  • Prevalent Market Opportunities
  • Growth potential of Indian market and its risk
  • Technology trends
  • Demand and Supply
  • Business culture
  • Products/Services to be Launched
  • Competition
  • Entry Barriers
  • Government Policies and Regulations
  • Sales and Distribution networks
  • Potential Customers and Partners
  • Location Benefits
  • Pricing Policies

Formulation Of Appropriate Strategy

It includes evaluation of suitable India Entry Strategy options and preparation of actionable business plan taking into account various aspects involved considering success, failure and prevailing best business practices.

Exploring Opportunities in Indian Market

  • Understand the growth potential of Indian market and its risk
  • Select right entry mode
  • Identify the right partner
  • Determine the products/Services Launch

Implementation Of Strategy

An effective strategy will rule in the market in long run if it is duly and successfully implemented. It enhances the value and standing of the brand with reduced risk and compacted growth time frame