Sexual harassment at workplace is a very sensitive issue. This can ruin a Good will in a second with legal troubles, the employer who are suffering against sexual harassment have to face lots of difficulties socially and mentally.

When #Metoo was not in action India has already introduced Prevention of Sexual Harassment at work place Act 2013. This played vital role to empowering the corporate sector by securing the very sensitive matter with the abiding law. Therefore it also results in boom of sexual harassment at workplace cases. Which we were handling very smoothly and have best team of advocates working dedicatedly towards the same.



Under POSH ACT Workplace is any department organization, undertaking, establishment enterprise, institution, office , branch or unit owned fully or partially and any place visited by employee during the course of duty.


Members of the Internal Complaint Committee:-

  • Chairperson/ Presiding Officer – Shall be women employed at the senior level at work place amongst the employees.
  • Two Members –Shall be amongst the employees preferably committed to the cause of women/ experience in social work/ have legal knowledge.
  • External Member – External member could be, doctor , Advocate or Among NGO worked against cause of women. We also provide empanelment of external member.


Internal Complaint Committee Responsibilities

Every company should have a safe and harassment-free workplace. In case of the complaint against POSH, the ICC is responsible to investigate with non-biasness in certain period of time which is mention in the POSH act 2013. Complaints of sexual harassment at a workplace corrode the persona of not only the complainant and the accused, but of the company and its goodwill as well. Thus, every company should develop a sturdy system to suppress and report sexual harassment cases.


Anyone Can Be Sexually Harassed

Sexual harassment is a gender-neutral offense, we personally believe in gender neutralization against which we will take care while preparing the policy. This is very simple logic to understand that men can sexually harass women, and women can sexually harass men.


Prevention of Sexual Harassment Policy for companies

We take care of the business nature while drafting of the policy. The policy would be applicable to all the employees, employer and regular or temporary daily wage employee. This is very important part of the POSH Act from where company employee and employer gets guide line to behave and work according to their policy.


Here you will get the solution to your all types of challenges against POSH queries.


Please look below to our services:-

Conciliation : On the request of aggrieved women the ICC (Internal Complaint Committee) or the Local Committee before initiating an inquiry under section 11 will perform steps to resolve the matter between her and the respondent through conciliation. We help in process to resolve conflict/complaint by the Internal Complaints Committee on the specific request of the aggrieved employee in the manner provided under the Act.

Mediation Services : This would be the kind of session to define the issues and regulate the both parties position. Thus is one of the Informal techniques to sort out conflicts associated with the Sexual Harassment at work place through a synergic, trusted process that veers hostility into dialogue and consensus.

Legal Representations :  We provides service with our expertise in Labour Court, civil court and the high courts on matters related to Prevention of sexual harassment at work place.

Advisory :  Provide proper guideline and support to deal with such kind of situation, keep posted with the best legal route and will always be there to brace. We have experience against big Brands to sort out the matter internally without letting the market get aware against the Sexual Harassment complaint.

Counseling Assisting with the best strategy to resolve the matter within the organization simultaneously taking care of the brand value as well.