It is an individual-funding social security as well as health insurance scheme for Indian workers. The strategy serves Employees with a comprehensive Social Security Scheme for protecting the employees during sickness, injury or disability.


An Employment Provident Fund (i.e. EPF) is a retirement perk that is usable by all salaried employees. This reserve is controlled and supervised by the EPFO (i.e. the Employees Provident Fund Organisation of India). Any organisation employing 20 employees or more is needed to register under the EPFO as per our legal framework. Contribution to the PF account is mandatory for each employee earning a basic salary up to INR 6500. It is simply a savings medium that enables employees to set aside a fraction of their resource each month. The amount so gathered can be utilised in a situation if the employee is concluded inefficient to work or upon withdrawal (whatever is early). Once a person starts working, both the employer as well as the employee have to add (3.67% is contribute by the former and 8.33 by the later) 12% of the basic salary along with dearness allowance (in case any) into the EPF account. The ROI (i.e. rate of interest) on PF is 8.5% p.a.

ESI Registration

Employees State Insurance(ESI) is an individual-funding public friendly security as well as health insurance strategy designed especially for the Indian workforce. For each worker making INR 21000 or less every month as wages, the employer provides 4.75 percent and the worker himself has to contribute 1.75 percentage making the total share as 6.5 percent. This reserve is governed by the ESI Corporation (ESI) as per the rules and regulations designated within the ESI Act 1948, that supervises as well as commands the supply of medical as well as cash benefits to the employees and their family with the help of its extensive network of branch offices, dispensaries and hospitals throughout our country. ESI is an independent corporation under the umbrella of the Ministry of Labour and Employment, Government of India. Still most of the infirmaries and hospitals are run by respective state governments.

Employees registered under the ESI enjoy a series of advantages covered by the plan. Employees relish medical attendance along with treatment for the person covered as well as their families including full range of medical, surgical and obstetric treatment, supply of all drugs, ambulance services, super-specialty consultation, etc., Moreover, along with the medical care, insured persons also enjoys sick pay benefits. Enrollment with ESI supplies the employee with numerous benefits and improves worker morale and retention.

ESI Benefits

Employees State Insurance Corporation (ESI) is a self-ESI that equips the employees enrolled under the scheme with a host of medical as well as sickness benefits. Employees enrolled under the scheme can use medical facilities and along with it they are also entitled for sick pay benefits.